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I had this problem for over a year but i ignored it because i use mozilla firefox as a default browser, but today i decided to correct all the minor problems on my pc so i solved that one too.

Well in my case the problem was very simple(took me about 1 hour to find it out tho!!!). For some reason the chrome executable file was set to «run in win xp compatibility mode»(i know i haven’t selected that or at least i don’t remember doing it), after i deselected the «win xp compatibility mode», chrome worked fine again.

So its very easy to fix it if that is your case also.

find the executable or the shortcut of chrome

right click on it and select properties

then go to the compatibility tab

un-check «run the program in compatibility mode for:»

and press ok or apply

Hope it works for you!!

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I was fixing a laptop (Toshiba A300 j15) And all of a sudden it asked me for a system password(there was no system password before).

So i tried to find ways to remove the password (bios default did not worked).

After awhile i had found the solution

If you remove the memory cover, and the memory chip, under that, there is an ◄ ► shaped area as shown below

You just have to short it together with a screwdriver for about 15 seconds and then the password will go away(in my case i heart a low sound after 15 sec).

I have found that solution there


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work motherfucker work

I am making this post in order to tell you how i solved this problem
(driver crashing) after many days of searching and despaire:). I hope im helping some people not having a nervous breakdown.

I have found the sollution on a forum but i have lost the address of that forum so im gonna explain it to you in my own words.

Well in my case, the problem was a conflict between the graphics adapter high definition audio and my m/b high definition audio. I have disabled(not erased the driver), from the device manager, my graphic adapter high definition audio, and the crashes have stopped.

I hope it works for you too

If you have any questions just ask(im not posting any screenshoots from my device manager because my windows is in greek language)

Ok i have found a screenshoot(16/2/2012)

As you can see on the picture all you got to do is disable one of the two availiable high definition audio(left click and disable) either the m/b or the graphics card.

press someware on the picture to see it in higher definition

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